Upgrade of beamline BL08B at Taiwan Light Source from a photon-BPM to a double-grating SGM beamline.


During the last 20 years, beamline BL08B has been upgraded step by step from a photon beam-position monitor (BPM) to a testing beamline and a single-grating beamline that enables experiments to record X-ray photo-emission spectra (XPS) and X-ray absorption spectra (XAS) for research in solar physics, organic semiconductor materials and spinel oxides, with soft X-ray photon energies in the range 300-1000 eV. Demands for photon energy to extend to the extreme ultraviolet region for applications in nano-fabrication and topological thin films are increasing. The basic spherical-grating monochromator beamline was again upgraded by adding a second grating that delivers photons of energy from 80 to 420 eV. Four end-stations were designed for experiments with XPS, XAS, interstellar photoprocess systems (IPS) and extreme-ultraviolet lithography (EUVL) in the scheduled beam time. The data from these experiments show a large count rate in core levels probed and excellent statistics on background normalization in the L-edge adsorption spectrum.


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