Detection of simultaneous unbalanced under-voltage and broken rotor fault in induction motor

  • S. Sridhar, K. Uma Rao
  • Published 2013 in 2013 IEEE 1st International Conference on Condition Assessment Techniques in Electrical Systems (CATCON)


In recent years voltage unbalance and fault analysis in induction motor independently has been researched by engineers dealing with power quality issues. The exposure of the motor to unbalanced supply, combined with broken rotor bar fault significantly increases the temperature and reduces the efficiency and life of the motor. In this paper the effect of unbalance on broken rotor bar fault of the squirrel cage induction motor is analyzed. The performance of the induction motor is studied using symmetrical component analysis for the extracted stator current. The electromagnetic torque is analyzed, and is found to give sufficient information about the fault and the unbalance condition. The simulation of the proposed methodology is done using MATLAB SIMULINK.


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